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Gierra Micheal, Canada
"This script is easy to use, and customer support is phenomenal. The questions that I had were promptly answered, and this guy actually explained things to me and assisted me with things that I didn't understand. That's unknown in the customer service world today! So far, the script is easy to use, and I will have my website up and running in a matter of days!"

Robert, Florida, Orlando USA
I recently purchased PHP Invoice Script a couple weeks ago with only a little bit of knowledge of PHP. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this script has taught me about php scripting. It was very user-friendly and help me create a invoice and manage customers. The support from the PHP Invoice Script team is amazing. My emails were answered within a hour of sending them and i received a quick and professional response from the team. I would highly recommend this script to anyone

Alex, UK
They don't let you down - I have dealt with many "programmer" and bought way too many crummy scripts - this is the only guy who actually does what he says - does not take forever to do it - and offers post sales support. Need I say more?

Joe Davis, UK
I would like to say, after purchasing "PHP Invoice Script" I had struggled a little bit to get it to work properly. Mainly due to my lack of knowledge in PHP and Javascript. Your team had me up and running within a short period of time. I have had time to look more in to your documentation and now I would not change to anything else, thanks for a solid product and great support.


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