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PHP Invoice Script is based on open source PHP and MySQL which allow owner to send invoices to customer and keep the history of that invoices. Owner can add unlimited customers and send them unlimited invoices.

What is PHP Invoice Script ?

“PHP Invoice Script” is a web based free billing Software. PHP Invoice Script is developed in open source language PHP and MySQL. You can create unlimited free invoices and send them to your customer or you can download free pdf invoices for print.

Who can use PHP Invoice Script ?

“PHP Invoice Script” can use by anyone according to their billing needs. Business owners can use it for their invoice software and web developers can also use it for their clients. You can download source code from download section and can install in your server.

Why do We Use PHP Invoice Script ?

“PHP Invoice Script” is Developed by experienced team and it is well tested. anyone can use “PHP Invoice Script” by according to their requirements, it is completely free. As “PHP Invoice Script” will remain on your server, no one can access your database or files.

PHP Invoice Script Features

Customer Management

The administrator can add,manage the records of the customers, their profiles,shipping and billing address from the customer section. Admin can also create a customer login account from the customer section.

Invoices Management

Admin can create unlimited invoices and send them to their customer. The invoice can also download in PDF and can send the e-mail to the customer several times.

Product Management

In “PHP Invoice Script” Admin can add products to catalog section and assign them to categories.  Admin can also assign tax to the product.

Tax Management

The administrator can add taxes in the tax section and can add it to any product. admin can add GST tax, VAT tax or any other taxes for item. It can also be called a free GST invoice script or free GST billing software.

Staff Management

In the “PHP Invoice Script”, the administrator can create unlimited login account of his employees or staff and assign them to the different access.

Reports Management

Admin can get his  weekly, monthly, yearly  invoices reports from reports management section.

Open Source Invoice Billing Script - FREE Invoice Billing Software

There are a lot of billing software available in the market nowadays. some free billing software based on clouds and some are self hosted. PHP Invoice Script is self hosted free invoice billing software that means – you can download free php invoice script source code and upload in your server – all is free – no hidden and extra cost.

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Open Source Invoice Script - Free Billing Software - Free Billing System

Billing department is an important part of any company and if you have a good billing software then it becomes even more flexible for you. Nowadays there are many billing software available in the market and some open source billing software is very good and some invoice billing software is very useless. Some free billing software come with loaded by many features and some open source billing software has very few features.
PHP Invoice Script is self-hosted open source free billing software. We will not say that this php invoice script software is very good but we will definitely say that this free php invoice script software can make your basic requirements fulfill. You can upload this script to your server and as database and files will be in your server no one hack your data and use it for others work.

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