Invoice Management

Every Company and organization is unique, but all have paying to his customers that need to receive bills or invoices for items they bought items or services they hired. An invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The purpose of an invoice is to provide a person or company who purchased your products or services with written documentation indicating: what they purchased, when they purchased it, how much money they owe you, and when the amount owed is due, as well as any penalties for late payment of the invoice.

In PHP Invoice Script the software can create and send invoices to customer in a matter of seconds. Our online free invoice software is based on popular open source php & mysql. PHP Invoice Script is very easy to install and setup. From this PHP Invoice script, you can easily create new customers, manage You don’t need to do any paper work and you just need to follow a few steps and send invoice to your customers.

Add Invoice
Manage Invoice

Invoice Management - Add Invoice

To add a new invoice go to Billing-> Invoices, click on Add New Invoice button and submit the invoice details, and item details of invoice.

Invoice Management - Manage Invoice

To view the invoices go to Billing-> Invoices and there you can view, edit or delete any invoice.

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